What makes a good website?

How to determine your website is good? Does the design make a website good? Does the performance make a website good? OR usabilities of the website? Everything!

Design, content, usability, speed, security and a lot more factors make a good website


Here are a few important points that what we think that making a website great


Loading Speed

Performance & speed is everything. Most of the users are impatient, we need to optimize and serve all our website files within seconds and deliver the message to the user.


Content Architect

Before we even come up with a website design, we need to understand our client’s business nature and then categorise it and place the content into the website strategically. We need to ensure that the content and message is delivered to users successfully with A.I.D.A methodologies (Attraction, Interest, Desire and Action).



Aside from content placement, website elements and functionalities play a big role too. We don’t want our website to be like a maze, but instead we need to have clear indication and helpful tips for our users.

We always ensure that website elements are placed correctly for our users (e.g. search bar, button placement, typography hierarchy, etc.). Placing all these items in the website is crucial as this is to make the website usable, user friendly and to give a good experience for users.


Responsive Design

Is your website a “mobile first” design? Mobile first principle is important as mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage back in year 2016. This proves that people have spent more time on the internet from mobile devices.

With current mobile trend, all of our designs, development and planning will be mobile first. Aside from designing the mobile visuals, we also need to ensure that the thumb gesture, movement and the experience is suitable on the mobile design.

Our programming has to be smart enough to determine various screen sizes and device formats whenever a user is browsing and our codes need to be optimised to show the correct format to users.



Last but not least, the overall design of the website. The design has to contemporary and relevant enough/ It needs to fit its own business nature and industry, giving a positive vibe to their potential customers.



If your website is a Content Management System based website, we need to ensure all of the details and backend programming codes are secured to prevent all security breaches.


On-Site SEO

We often will sit down with our clients and plan the website keywords. By finalizing a few of the keywords, we then will implement the keywords into the website meta title, content, image alt text and optimise our CMS system to be smart enough to generate the keywords programmatically on new pages.

Aside from keywords, all the above (e.g. Design, Speed & Performance & Website Content) sums up to increase your SEO Ranking as people will often revisit your website if your website have a good design, performance and content. All of these will increase your SEO Quality Score.

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