Our Task

We are given the task from the client to develop the site with a modern styling as our main target audience on this project is in their late 30s. Hence, our design have got to look energetic and contemporary. “Web Animation” development plays a bigger role on this project as it enhances and completes the modern look and feel.


The Assignment

  1. Modern Art Direction
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Smooth Web Transition
  4. Optimised Parallax Motion Effects

Vogue Lifestyle Residence Inner Work

Collaboration between Designer & Developer

Our programmers work hard to ensure the smoothness of the animations in various screen sizes—from Desktop to Mobile—and also meet the animation requirements from the design team.

We went through numerous prototyping and discussions to make sure that the animations are best suited for the final outcome.

Animation Plan

Wrapping it up

Most of their sales enquiries are from the website and we are glad that we’re part of the team that supports client on the digital strategy (e.g. from developing the website to putting up the ads on social platforms).

We do think that animation plays a bigger role in websites as it enhances the attractiveness of the website.