Google PageSpeed Insight: Why My Site So Slow?

Speed & Performance matters

Optimising your website’s speed is clearly a necessity as it might affect the website SEO scores if you obtain a low score from Google PageSpeed.

The score is one of the factors that helps you get good SEO quality scores to help your website appear in the top search results of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

A slow website is usually caused by your infrastructure: hosting, themes, page builders, and plugins have some of the largest impact on both scores and load times.

 4 reasons your website is slow & how you should fix it

Your website images are heavy
Your website images don’t have LazyLoad
You have tons of JavaScript & CSS files in your website
Your website doesn’t have good Caching Technology

Our Approach

We’re no strangers in the web development industry & constantly seek to improve & provide the best solutions for our clients.

Below are our usual approach/ recommendations on building a modern yet fast website:

Front-end DevelopmentSelecting a static generation framework
• Next.js (Static Site Generation)
• Gatsby.js (Static Site Generation)
CMS DevelopmentBy separate front-end & back-end using Headless CMS approach
• CraftCMS
• Bedrock/ WordPress
Caching TechnologyImplement/ install good caching technology
• Redis
• OpenLite Speed

Final words

User are impatient these days. Speed really matters for both Google PageSpeed & your end consumers. Picking up a good technology to build your website that meets your business needs is crucial.

Our goal is to keep the visitor engaged with the page and deliver the optimal experience, regardless of device or type of network. The faster the user accesses your website, the better chances you will have for the conversion.

Feel free to contact us and submit your website URL for a free consultation session with our specialist!

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Back-end/ CMS
  • Node.js (Express)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Craft CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Strapi
Front-end/ Interactive
  • HTML, CSS (Stylus/ SCSS)
  • React/ Next.js
  • Vue.js/ Nuxt.js
  • Phaser (Web Game)
  • Firebase
Mobile/ Desktop
  • Flutter
  • Expo
  • Electron
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Custom eCommerce (Headless CMS)