7 Things You Need To Do After You Launch Your Website

What’s next?

Been struggling to get visitors after your website is launch? Wanted for more traffic onto your website?


Visible to search engine

Make sure to get your website page titles, SEO and feature images sorted, submit your URL and website sitemap to Google so that search engine is able to crawl all of your website URL.



Target keywords

There’re a few kind of keywords to implement onto your website

  • Short Tail
    • eg: Bicycle
      • very competitive
      • 1 or 2 words
  • Medium Tail
    • eg: Mountain Bicycle Kuala Lumpur
      • moderately competitive
      • 2 ~ 3 words
  • Long Tail
    • eg: Santa Cruz Bronson Mountain Bicycle Kuala Lumpur
      • not very competitive
      • 3+ words

It’s best to finalise all these keywords for your business and implement them into your website title tags, paragraphs, image alt text and etc.

We usually will use these tool for us to research a good keywords for our clients:



Landing page optimisation

We can’t just blindly copy and paste the keywords into your website paragraph. We have to paste the correct keywords category into right format e.g.

  • Pasting Medium Tail Keywords into <Title> Tag,
  • Merging Long Tail Keywords into your home page paragraph content
  • Having Short Tail Keywords into your paragraph content and adapting it into various Headline & Image ALT text

Aside of pasting the keywords, we need to use the correct HTML tag (eg: H1, H2, H3) as each of the tags has its own purposes for Search Engine.



Create valuable contents

Your website has to constantly update, creating more useful articles or blog posts relevant for your audiences. Keep your website alive up to date so that you have more returning visitors. Ensure that all your articles or pages have been integrated with Social Media sharing modules so that it enables users to share your website to their social media platform. In our opinion, quality content will leads to much more potential customers.



Start Email Marketing

Start collecting customers’ emails and let them know your latest promotions via email marketing. It’s always best to have certain tactic to collect your potential customers’ emails e.g.

  • Start 10 day trail by providing your email address
  • Get 15% off by providing your email address

With all the leads, you may market & retarget them in your future product release.



Advertise online

Understand who are your target audiences and what kind of social media platforms they hang out at? For example, if you’re running a boutique clothing business, you may shout out your promotion on Instagram and gain leads on your potential customer back your website.



Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google which allows us to see analytics about our website e.g.

  • How many visitors per day
  • What’s the bounce rate?
  • Which is our top pages?
  • Customer’s info e. g. ages, gender, etc

In our opinion, analytics is important as it will provide us insightful information that allows us to know which are our top pages or products that our customers like. From there, we will have some clue on planning future marketing or promotions for our clients.


Wrapping it up

Having your website up and running is not considered 100% done. In fact, it’s just your starting point and you have to put a lot of work on it. Think of your website as a relationship.

  • Having your website up and running = your day 1 relationship
  • To attract more visitors to your website = you have to put a lot of effort (e.g. good communication, gifts, travel and surprises) and maintain the relationship to make it last

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